There goes the water heater…

Sigh….every time I feel like we take a step forward we end up taking a step back.

On Tuesday I realized that we had no hot water….I figured it was because I had been running the dishwasher, washer, etc.

Wednesday the problem persisted so much so that I asked my poor hubby who had thrown his back out if he could check the pilot light on the water heater. It was out, so he relit it and we figured it was fixed.

Thursday, the water was still ice cold….hubby came home and checked and found the pilot light was out again and that there was now water coming out of the pipe on the side of the water heater. The floor of our utility room was puddled. We got the pilot light relit, got showers and called our home warranty that we have renewed each year since buying our house (this is an extra thing we have in addition to our homeowner’s insurance). The warranty company said we would get a call from a repair company on Friday.

First thing Friday morning I got a call from the repair company saying they would be there between 1-6pm the same day. Later that day, we got the diagnosis…our water heater was shot. Apparently due to normal wear and tear it was unable to be repaired. I was glad this happened at a time when we have the extended warranty since we only have a $60 deductible for the warranty….however….apparently codes have changed since this water heater was installed. So, in addition to the $60 we paid for the deductible we also have about $130 in things that need to be updated so it can be brought up to code.

So…on Monday we will be getting a call to find out when we will be getting the new water heater. I am glad we are only spending approximately $200 instead of the full cost of a water heater, but it’s still $$$ I would rather not take out of our emergency fund.

One step forward, two steps back….


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