Thank you Uncle Sam!!!

Well we usually have extra taken out of our paychecks to make sure at tax time we don’t owe the big man. This works well for us and although we live on a little less throughout the year, we also avoid having a big bill when income taxes are due. Of course since we are doing “Total Money Makeover” we used our refund to help us pay down the debts we owe.

First we paid the $200 we owed for hubby’s emergency room visit in December and got that bill paid in full.

Then we called and paid off hubby’s credit card balance, that was close to $3300!!! What a nice feeling to have 1 of the credit cards paid in full!!! I even let hubby have the honors of writing “PAID IN FULL” next to it on our dry erase board.

I did struggle with the payment since I knew we could use that money in SOOOO many areas, or even use it to get things we’ve really wanted. However, we knew the best decision was to spend it to pay down/off part of our debt!!!

Something we have found that really works for us is having a small dry erase board on the refrigerator in the kitchen at eye level. That way every time we get a drink, make dinner, etc we see our


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