And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down….

Okay, so the water heater was fixed and ended up only costing $135 instead of the $200 we were planning!!! YAY!!! Always nice to know you owe less than you thought you were going to have to pay!!!

Well….today on the way to work I rolled my driver’s window down a little to get the stuffiness out of the car, when I went to roll it up, nothing happened. At all…it could go down more, but not up. When I got to work I disassembled the electrical panel in the door and made sure everything was securely connected, which it was. I went inside and checked online and was immediately presented with the information that if that specific issue happens then it means the switch is bad and needs to be replaced. I had this done before about 2.5 years or so ago….and it cost somewhere between $200-300…

I swear sometimes I feel like just the fact that we are doing everything we can to make our financial situation better, things keep happening. It’s so frustrating sometimes. I am glad that we shredded our cards so we can’t falter and just throw it on the cards, but I hate seeing our emergency fund yoyo-ing all over the place. I will not give up, I will not give in to defeat, we CAN do this!!! Regardless of the obstacles and challenges being thrown at us, we WILL be debt-free!


There goes the water heater…

Sigh….every time I feel like we take a step forward we end up taking a step back.

On Tuesday I realized that we had no hot water….I figured it was because I had been running the dishwasher, washer, etc.

Wednesday the problem persisted so much so that I asked my poor hubby who had thrown his back out if he could check the pilot light on the water heater. It was out, so he relit it and we figured it was fixed.

Thursday, the water was still ice cold….hubby came home and checked and found the pilot light was out again and that there was now water coming out of the pipe on the side of the water heater. The floor of our utility room was puddled. We got the pilot light relit, got showers and called our home warranty that we have renewed each year since buying our house (this is an extra thing we have in addition to our homeowner’s insurance). The warranty company said we would get a call from a repair company on Friday.

First thing Friday morning I got a call from the repair company saying they would be there between 1-6pm the same day. Later that day, we got the diagnosis…our water heater was shot. Apparently due to normal wear and tear it was unable to be repaired. I was glad this happened at a time when we have the extended warranty since we only have a $60 deductible for the warranty….however….apparently codes have changed since this water heater was installed. So, in addition to the $60 we paid for the deductible we also have about $130 in things that need to be updated so it can be brought up to code.

So…on Monday we will be getting a call to find out when we will be getting the new water heater. I am glad we are only spending approximately $200 instead of the full cost of a water heater, but it’s still $$$ I would rather not take out of our emergency fund.

One step forward, two steps back….

New balances…

As I posted in my last update, we paid off hubby’s credit card!!! Unfortunately (well, fortunately really…I’ll explain in a minute), we now have a $5625 balance on it again. Basically we have been reviewing our bills and my credit card that had the largest balance also had the highest APR. We owed around $9100 on my big card which was sitting at an APR of 19.9%. Yes you read that correctly. 19.9…..

So we decided to call hubby’s card’s company that we just paid off because we knew that card held the lowest APR at 8.9%. We called and found out they had a deal going on that if we transferred a balance to that card by April 15th then it would have a 1.9% APR for a year and then go to the regular 8.9%. So needless to say, we transferred $5625 to that card….because now instead of paying 19.9% interest we will be paying 1.9%. It was sad to see that on my big card I have paid $450 since January…just in interest. That I pay approx $250/month to that card, which left very little going towards the principal of what we actually owe!!!

It feels good to know that we are going to be saving $$$ every month which leaves us with more to put towards our snowball!!!

How is your journey going?

Thank you Uncle Sam!!!

Well we usually have extra taken out of our paychecks to make sure at tax time we don’t owe the big man. This works well for us and although we live on a little less throughout the year, we also avoid having a big bill when income taxes are due. Of course since we are doing “Total Money Makeover” we used our refund to help us pay down the debts we owe.

First we paid the $200 we owed for hubby’s emergency room visit in December and got that bill paid in full.

Then we called and paid off hubby’s credit card balance, that was close to $3300!!! What a nice feeling to have 1 of the credit cards paid in full!!! I even let hubby have the honors of writing “PAID IN FULL” next to it on our dry erase board.

I did struggle with the payment since I knew we could use that money in SOOOO many areas, or even use it to get things we’ve really wanted. However, we knew the best decision was to spend it to pay down/off part of our debt!!!

Something we have found that really works for us is having a small dry erase board on the refrigerator in the kitchen at eye level. That way every time we get a drink, make dinner, etc we see our