As we all know, life happens. Unfortunately that is even more frustrating for someone who is attempting to pay off/down their debt.

Last week we took our furbaby Fenway to the vet, he had dandruff that was getting progressively worse and I noticed that he all of a sudden had bald spots. Wednesday we took him to the vet to get him checked out, our initial thought was that he had somehow gotten mange. We were wrong. We found out after a $230 vet visit (which came out of our emergency fund) that he has hypo-thyroidism. Now anyone who knows anything about this knows it’s treatable. We ended up getting him on a special shampoo and he has to be washed twice a week, special antibiotics and anti-microbial wipes…all of this was for the skin infection caused from not diagnosing the hypo-thyroidism early enough. From here on out he will only have to be on a pill twice a day for the rest of his life. The thyroid medication only costs around $21/month. Totally doable and worth it for such an amazing dog. I figured we had gotten lucky and was glad to have a diagnosis so we could work on his recovery. He is already doing MUCH better, he is more social than he’s been in 2 years, wags his tail alot more and just seems more alert in general. We are glad to see him on the road to recovery. We do still need to take him back in for a followup thyroid test in about 2 weeks to make sure his levels are returning to normal.

Yesterday I got a bill in the mail from when hubby went to Urgent Care in December, he threw his back out, and went to the place we always go. Usually we pay about a $25 deductable anytime we go there. Yesterday I got a $250 bill in the mail for EMERGENCY. Apparently when he was there they took him to the emergency room at the attached hospital for X-rays. So, instead of billing us for the normal Urgent Care amount they are billing us according to a Emergency room visit. I have already called and left messages arguing the charge, but one lady in billing told me that since he received _____ service from them, we still owe the $250 regardless.

So over the course of a month, we have had 2 bumps in our journey to being debt-free. Our $1000 emergency fund we had built up is now at $740 and we are paying $25/month for the next couple of months towards the emergency room bill. I know we can do this. It’s just so frustrating when we were doing well staying on target for paying extra towards our snowball and all, and then this messes it up. So according to Dave Ramsey’s plan, we now go back to Baby Step #1, get our emergency fund BACK to $1000, THEN we can continue with Baby Step #2…paying down the debt. It’s a long road, but if we live like noone else, then later we can live like noone else.