Keep your eye on the prize…

Today I had the first time that I really wanted to splurge and get something for myself and not put all of the $$$ towards our payoffs. I wanted to get a $99 Apple iPhone since my cellphone is not working well. Fortunately my hubby talked to me and reminded me of what we are working towards. Even though Christmas just came and went I didn’t feel tempted then to splurge and buy all kinds of stuff. I worked my butt off and traded items to get gifts for my family and friends. I figured that helped by supporting other small businesses and keeping my costs down.

So today I went into Verizon and checked out the cheapest iPhone they had since I would love to have one to download apps for the princess and be able to surf the internet when I am away from home. Well they basically told me that in addition to the $99 phone they were going to charge me another $20 for an “early upgrade fee”. I went home thinking I was going to purchase it as soon as I got home online, where the fee was not applied. Instead, I got home and thought twice about it and hubby said that he thought we should stick with our plan and I had to agree. He stood behind me if I chose to get the phone anyway since I’ve been working quite a few hours and got some Christmas money, but I think in the end it’s better to wait.

So, is it easy? No, I prefer instant gratification many times over what the “right thing” would be. Today, the “right thing” won. Tomorrow is another day….


One foot in front of the other…

I can hardly believe how slowly the past month has gone!!! We have made a difference in our income in the last month…as Dave’s saying goes “Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else”. Sadly we were not able to take on our debt-free challenge on the budget and income we were at. Sure we sold items from the house and things to have extra money to try to make ends meet and put towards the snowball. But trying o make up $800/month by selling random items isn’t easy and it’s not something you can count on. Sooo….I got a job. I will be working part time in the evenings to make the extra we need to live month to month and put all extras toward our debt snowball.

Last month I was on Cloud 9 since we had just paid off our first small debt, it was invigorating, but reality had to take over. This month we will be making more than our “normal” payment on our next debt we are tackling, but it’s not going to be paid off in a month or two. That was something I found myself having to come to grips with. Driving down the road the other day there was a radio contest and the winner would get $1000 cash. And I found myself dreaming (and dialing) to attempt to win….needless to say, I did not win, but I had already thought in my head how nice it would be to put $1000 this month towards our next smallest debt that we only owe $1600 on. Then when some other jubilant person won, I had to settle with the fact that I would be making payments on it, and I would have to keep working at it.

I guess the fact that our baby step #1 was taken care of so easily and the extra money we got from selling stuff last month helped us pay off our smallest debt in 2 weeks instead of 5.5months got me off on a slightly disillusioned foot. I know now that this is going to be a long process. Some days I know that I will count the 30ish days between bill paying cycles and feel like my next snowball payment is light-years away, but we can do it.

What about you? What are you doing to take charge of your finances? How is your journey going?