Where has the time gone?!

So today my princess learned to pull herself up, she has now done it over and over, whether she is in the pack and play or in her crib. This poses a whole new obstacle to putting her to bed when she wants to be up instead. Tonight, for instance, I laid her down and she fussed until I went in there and as I open the door I am greeted by her extremely proud, smiling face peeking up over the end of her crib. She was so happy. She was so proud that since she didn’t want to lay down, she did something about it. And I am sad. I am sad that my little girl is no longer a baby. In the past 2 weeks she has learned to say “Mama” and “Dada”, pull herself up, walk around the edge of the pack and play by holding onto the sides, sit up without support, give kisses on command (atleast to me), tried finger food (Gerber puffs) and many other things that are escaping me at this moment in time. I sit here, wondering how my 7 month and 3 day old has become an almost toddler seemingly overnight. A friend pointed out to me that I should be grateful that she is developing normally and is healthy, and I am. I am just in awe of the little girl who I brought home only 7 months ago (a shorter time than I carried her in my tummy). I am amazed in the simple way her smile can melt any frustration I may have, in the way her kisses leave drool running down my cheeks and me laughing at the love of it all. I am thankful for the chance to be her mommy and to watch her grow and learn and become whoever she will be. I am blessed to have this time as a stay at home mom so I am not missing a moment with my amazing princess. But sometimes, like now, when she has finally laid down for what will hopefully be the night….I sit here and wonder….where has the time gone?


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