Missy’s Musings

Sorry I have not posted in awhile, things have been very busy here in our household. I am very proud to announce that I have started my own business making bows for princesses!!! I LOVE making them and am proud to be able to share them with you!! I am currently offering a giveaway when my Facebook page reaches 100 members!! Also, I just started enrollment for a “Headband of the month” club, the cost is $75 a year, and each month you will receive 1 headband and 1 bow/flower for your princess!!! She will also receive a special surprise for her birthday month!! That is a great deal because it is $6.50/month and that includes shipping!!! If you are interested in signing your Princess(es) up for this please email me at missysmusings@hotmail.com!! Here are the links to my Facebook page and website:

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Missys-Musings/108709962515123

Website: http://missysmusings.weebly.com/


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