Time flies when you’re….

Sorry it has been so long since I last did a personal blog entry….I have tried to keep the blog active anyway by posting giveaways and things of interest. Lately things have just been crazy around here and although I am on the computer a lot it’s not usually for long stretches of time where I can sit down and compose a post. A few weeks ago I started doing childcare from home which I love because, above all else, I can be home with the princess. She is growing more and more everyday, and her personality continues to become more prominent. The part that scares me is that she seems to be a clone of me (atleast personality wise). She is SUPER independent, and wants to do things her own way. She is curious, seldom still, and loves to laugh right in life’s face. She is amazing. I have always heard the cliche that you never knew you could love like that, well it’s true. That little girl is my life. I love going into her nursery in the mornings and watching her eyes light up when she sees me, followed by that dimpled grin. It’s hard to believe in 8 days she will be 6 months old. I have already been thinking about ideas on what  to do for her 1st birthday party. It won’t be huge, but I want it to be special :).

I’m not sure if I have posted this here, but hubby started school to get a teaching certification. It’s an 8 week course, which he is currently on week 3 of. Afterwards he teaches at a local school for a year as an “intern” then has to apply for a full-time position. He is loving being back in school, and looking forward to the possibility that will bring. Right now things are tight since unemployment ran out July 3rd, and he can’t work while in school (due to the course load and homework)….so we are struggling financially….I have been trying to sell some clothes and accessories online, which has brought in a little. And I am hoping to have a yard sale within the next week or two to make a bit more. It’s no wonder I’m tired and sore all the time….stuff can stress you out!

Oh well, I guess I will go get some things done before the girls wake up!!

Time flies when you’re:

– tired

– busy

– having fun

– all of the above

– Other: _________________


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