Take me out to the ballgame…..

I am just now getting around to updating my blog….I know I’m being a slacker. On Sunday June 6th we took the princess to her first MLB game, more importantly her first RED SOX game!!!!! She did great, we drove all the way up to Baltimore, MD and watched the game at Camden Yards. She was so talkative and smiled and played with everyone around us. Unfortunately for us, due to bad planning, we did not bring an umbrella and there was a chance of thunderstorms. Luckily the thunder stayed away but the rain decided to grace us with it’s presence a few times throughout those 11 innings. We were very blessed to have our “umbrella angels” as I refer to them as, sit next to us. It was a young man who works as a photographer for the White House, and his mom. When the rains started we hurriedly pulled out a poncho we had grabbed from the glove compartment, but the wind did not want us to be safe and dry. The angels next to us cheerfully handed us their umbrella to keep the sleeping princess warm and dry. Several other times throughout the game they opened and closed the blue and white striped shelter for us, each time handing it over with an encouraging word and a smile. I felt bad taking it from them, since they were then left to sit there and get wet. Finally around the 8th inning I couldn’t take their shelter anymore and decided to walk with the princess up on the concourse where it was dry. I came back sat down for a few minutes just before the end of the game, and at some point, without my noticing it, our angels flew away. I turned around to find they were already gone….and I hadn’t gotten to give them a final thank you. So….if by some off chance you are a gentleman who had a Nikon camera, and a lady with a sweet smile, and you are reading this……THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.


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