Well it’s official my precious princess has reflux…..yesterday it had gotten progressively worse to the point where we went through 4 outfits, had to wash her swing cover, the pack and play cover, 2 blankets, 8 bibs and 5 burp rags….all from yesterday. She has always “spit up” and I just thought that’s how her system was dealing with things, apparently not…..the pediatrician today said it sounds like she’s been struggling with reflux her whole life so far, and we didn’t realize it. The signs we missed (or misinterpreted) were:

– “coughing”, we always thought she did it to get our attention, she would do a little cough and then smile when we looked at her, apparently this is also a sign that things are coming up in the back of her throat

– spitting/throwing up after every meal

– hiccuping, her diaphram was overworking and causing her to have hiccups alot. The pediatrician said by 4.5 months they should not hiccup enough to say they do, she hiccuped almost the entire ride to the doctors.

– irritability, this was something I attributed to teething, but apparently because of the constant burning and unsettling of her stomach this very well may have been caused by the reflux as well.

We were prescribed Zantac for her to take 3 times a day, and the dr said it is very likely we will notice almost immediate improvement,  and over the next few weeks any irritation caused by the long term reflux should begin to subside. We are really hoping this works, if not, we have had several recommendations for AR formula, even though the dr said that a formula switch most likely will not fix the problem. We will see!!! I hope if nothing else another parent may see this and recognize these symptoms in their own child and have them checked for a similar condition.


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