Am I crazy? I wonder… mind is constantly thinking about things I could do. Not as in wash the dishes, do the laundry, sweep the floor….but things I could do with my talents. Right now I am SOOOOO tempted to do things as a amateur photographer. I love taking pictures. I love being behind the camera and looking at the results and going “I did that”. I bought hubby Photoshop Elements 8 for an early birthday gift and I have played with it a ton working on pictures I have taken of the princess. I know people probably wouldn’t pay me for my work because I am just using a point and shoot digital camera, but I enjoy it. I guess if nothing else I could always have beautiful pictures of my princess and any other kids that come along!! Here is a list so you can weigh-in, am I crazy?

– Wanting (and gathering the supplies) to make tutus for my princess

– Trying to get my calligraphy business started

– Still doing eBay listings for people who want me to do the dirty work for them

– Doing photography (and catching myself wanting to buy props and things to make my pictures better)

– Wanting to make felt food for my princess to play with as she gets older

– Starting a scrapbook (a Mother’s Day gift from my sister)


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