A Whole New World.

One year ago today my life changed forever. My hubby and I were just returning from a week long road trip from VA to GA, FL, then SC, then back to VA. One year ago today mid-morning we arrived home, greeted our puppy, and sat down to eat lunch, we watched Disney’s Hercules of all things. I was biding my time. I knew I would be taking a pregnancy test and I was scared of the results. This was our first cycle “trying” to get pregnant and the entire road trip I felt “off” for lack of a better word. I resisted the urge to take a test on our trip knowing that if it was negative I would have been devastated. About 1/2 way through Hercules I couldn’t stand it anymore, I went in and took one of the Dollar Tree tests I had bought the month before and stashed under the sink. Within 30 seconds I had my result….POSITIVE. I was shaking. I knew it was true, but I was still amazed to see the results on that tiny piece of plastic. I took a picture and ran to Walgreens to buy a Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy test so I could be sure. I took that test….immediately it popped up “PREGNANT”. I took another Dollar Tree test, just to watch the little line appear…..then I calmly went into my closet where I had stashed a little monkey backpack that I had purchased for this very occasion. I pulled it out, filled out a card and made it out to “Daddy”, and sat it on my nightstand. Hercules had just finished up so I went in and sat next to hubby on the sofa….I started crying. He thought it was because the tests had come back negative….he knew I had been waiting all week to test. We hugged, and I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. I stood at the door and motioned to the nightstand….within seconds he was in shock, he said “REALLY?!” and hugged me laughing and crying, he read his card and smiled from ear to ear. Then he asked if I was positive….lol, I showed him both pregnancy tests, and told him I would take my 2nd CBE test so I did so he could watch it pop up saying “PREGNANT”. He was elated. That was the start of a whole new world for us. It’s amazing how much our lives have changed over the past year, and get better with each passing day.


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