Everyday is something new…..today I woke up, cleaned the house for a meeting at 11am, had the meeting, snuggled with my little girl, tried to comfort her as she was not feeling well this evening, went to dinner with hubby’s family for a belated Mother’s Day. Some days I swear I just wake up tired….it’s as though while my body was laying in bed all night, some part of me was up, busy, doing things, so that right about the time my body decided it was time to get up, the rest of me was ready for bed. I wish those parts of me would correspond and sleep at the same time. I took a nap today and felt good, woke up and my princess was still not feeling 100%. Unfortunately I think she has reached that special time of her life where she is teething. Earlier she was very content, playful, her normal self…this afternoon/evening she was fussy, crying her “I’m hurt” cry, and just not able to get comfortable. I finally got her fed and put to bed, and I am hoping she will sleep through the night. Now I prepare my body for bed, and hopefully my mind will follow….


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