Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!

While I have a few minutes to sit and ponder, I figured I would pen my “Mother’s Day” post….I know I am a few days early but I would rather get it done than regret not doing it later….

To me, it is so hard to believe that a year ago my little princess was nothing more than a very tiny speck of a being…..I had not yet heard her heartbeat, felt her kick, or seen her beautiful face on an ultrasound….I had not yet gotten to hug her, kiss her chubby cheeks, hear her laugh, feel her smile melt my aggravation, feel the stress when something may be wrong with her, had my eyes fill with tears for something small, see her learn to roll over, fretted over constipation, taken her picture, been a mommy. This Mother’s Day things are radically different for me. For the first time in my life, I am a mom. I live with this realization every day when I realize that this absolutely perfect, beautiful, captivating little angel, is mine. I know everyone says that a mother always thinks her child is the best…..but I really do. Sometimes yes she gets on my nerves if she is inconsolable, or fussy….but 23 hours out of the day 6.75 days a week….she is perfect (she is, after all, mine).  I feel so blessed to have joined the ranks of moms around the world who are celebrated and appreciated on this special day. I was so lucky to be raised by the best woman I have ever known, my mom. She taught me everything there was to know about being a mom, she is my role model. I am still learning from her even now, 26 years after we first met…..she never fails to amaze me and I always find myself seeking her advice when I am left at an impasse with my daughter. My biggest goal in life is for my princess to eventually look up to me, love me, and admire me….the way I admire my mom.

So to all the moms out there, biological or not….Happy Mother’s Day.


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