Life Interrupted….

Sorry I have not posted in a few days, it was a whirlwind weekend after everything that happened at the end of this past week. I ended up meeting with the management of the club and they offered to give me the opportunity to resign (thus signing away any chance of holding the club, staff or members accountable for what happened) and gave me a $500 severance check (minus taxes). I know if I had decided to fight it I could have gotten more money, but that was not why I decided to argue it in the first place. So with my signature and a check in my hand I walked away and look forward to never dealing with them ever again. I am relieved now that that chapter of my life has closed.

Something happened to my little angel last night that scared me, we had put her to bed around 9:30pm, and she woke up SCREAMING around 11:00pm….now please keep in mind my princess does not cry hardly ever, and if she does, it’s because something is wrong. So I went in, tried to console her with her pacifier and just comforting her…nothing was helping, so I decided to pick her up and try to rock her back to sleep. I attempted to lift her and thought she was holding onto her bumper pad, only to realize seconds later that her hand was caught on the pad. Upon closer inspection a thread from the pad had wound around her pinky finger and was cutting into the skin. I broke the thread and got it off of her finger and saw the indention that was left in it’s place. She was inconsolable for the next half hour to hour and finally fell back asleep, out of pure exhaustion I’m assuming. I immediately contacted the manufacturer of the bumper pad and let them know EXACTLY what had just happened. They have already emailed me back this morning and are getting a new bumper pad sent to us as well as sending us 2 of the accessory items for her crib set.

Now before some of you start on me for using a bumper pad, as I know what a “hot topic” that is for some… darling daughter insists on sleeping in the corner or along the sides of her crib, we have to use a pad to prevent her from banging her head on the wood. I know what happened last night was one of those freak accidents and I thank God that she started crying, rather than me going in there this morning and finding her with a finger that was black from lack of circulation. I loved on my baby girl so much last night, it’s amazing even when simple things like that happen and make you realize how good it is when things go right. But sometimes life is interrupted.


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