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Well tonight my hubby and I sat down to dinner and he chose to watch Titanic, he had never seen it and thought it would be a good watch. So we did. Now I am sitting here a bit after watching the movie and looking at things through different eyes. The last time I watched this movie was a good 10 years or so ago….and I remember it sticking with me then too for very different reasons. Then I was young, I had a boyfriend I am sure at the time, who was sure to have been “The One”….and the story of Jack and Rose was sure to have played on my heartstrings like those poor musicians on the boat playing until the end. I am sure I cried as Rose and Jack spoke their final conversation, and as Rose pried his hands off of hers as she whispered “I’ll never let go”. Now a good 10 years later, give or take a few, I found myself focusing and tearing up at different parts of the movie. For example, the part where the mother and 2 young daughters are forced on a life boat having to leave the father behind. At that scene I looked at my husband and I thank God that I have a man that I love and that I could not have left on that boat. I also was touched by the lady holding the infant asking where to go….a scene, I am sure, 10 years ago would not have even lingered in my thought. And then again, awhile later, when that same woman and infant are frozen floating on the seas. Maybe it’s because now, at a different point in my life, I am identifying with characters that I never had the experience to identify with before. Thankfully, I have had the chance to experience these aspects of my life to which I was blind to before. I am now married, with a husband, who given the opportunity would give me and my precious baby anything he can, and if he couldn’t he would fight to get us as much as he could. I am blessed with a daughter who is asleep in the other room, on her tummy (a new favorite of hers), sleeping soundly. A child I love more than I ever had thought possible. My life has changed very much in the last decade, and none of it would I change for all the worldly riches that would inevitably fade away. I highly recommend, if you have not seen this movie in some time….watch it, reevaluate and prioritize. I’m glad that I did.

P.S.- in a side note, a friend of mine has a friend who is trying to raise money to adopt their soon to be new baby from Ethiopia. They are selling dresses and purses to raise money to help fund the adoption, for more info please visit: and if you are unable to purchase or donate to this cause, please keep this family in your prayers as they look to complete their family.

My new Vacuum—Shark Vx3

Here is my review of my new Shark Vx3!!! I got the vacuum yesterday in the mail (yay!) and it had to charge for 20 hours as an initial charge. I was so anxious to use it but wanted to maximize battery life. So after using it this afternoon here are my thoughts.


– works great, especially getting up dog fur (even though sometimes you have to go over it twice)

– LOVE the “backsaver” feature, under my sofa is cleaner than it has been since we bought it!!

– Using it on carpet is as easy as using it on bare floors. I had shredded paper on my carpet (from cleaning out my shredder) and it picked it up quickly and easily.

– It is quiet, so much so that even on bare floors, I could “vacuum” under my DD’s swing and she stayed ASLEEP!!!! That is a gem in itself!!!

– My DH’s comment when I was vacuuming on the carpet was “It doesn’t stink!” Our vacuum is rarely used, often cleaned out and still has an unpleasant smell when it’s run….no problem with that here!!!

– Maybe this is just mine but the trap door to the dust cup doesn’t open by itself, you are supposed to push the button on the handle and empty the dust cup without touching it, mine doesn’t do that. Not a big deal, just saying.

That’s all I can think of for now, I am very pleased with it so far, and look forward to doing quick (and easy!) cleanups with it often!!!!!

A Whole New World.

One year ago today my life changed forever. My hubby and I were just returning from a week long road trip from VA to GA, FL, then SC, then back to VA. One year ago today mid-morning we arrived home, greeted our puppy, and sat down to eat lunch, we watched Disney’s Hercules of all things. I was biding my time. I knew I would be taking a pregnancy test and I was scared of the results. This was our first cycle “trying” to get pregnant and the entire road trip I felt “off” for lack of a better word. I resisted the urge to take a test on our trip knowing that if it was negative I would have been devastated. About 1/2 way through Hercules I couldn’t stand it anymore, I went in and took one of the Dollar Tree tests I had bought the month before and stashed under the sink. Within 30 seconds I had my result….POSITIVE. I was shaking. I knew it was true, but I was still amazed to see the results on that tiny piece of plastic. I took a picture and ran to Walgreens to buy a Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy test so I could be sure. I took that test….immediately it popped up “PREGNANT”. I took another Dollar Tree test, just to watch the little line appear…..then I calmly went into my closet where I had stashed a little monkey backpack that I had purchased for this very occasion. I pulled it out, filled out a card and made it out to “Daddy”, and sat it on my nightstand. Hercules had just finished up so I went in and sat next to hubby on the sofa….I started crying. He thought it was because the tests had come back negative….he knew I had been waiting all week to test. We hugged, and I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. I stood at the door and motioned to the nightstand….within seconds he was in shock, he said “REALLY?!” and hugged me laughing and crying, he read his card and smiled from ear to ear. Then he asked if I was positive….lol, I showed him both pregnancy tests, and told him I would take my 2nd CBE test so I did so he could watch it pop up saying “PREGNANT”. He was elated. That was the start of a whole new world for us. It’s amazing how much our lives have changed over the past year, and get better with each passing day.


Am I crazy? I wonder… mind is constantly thinking about things I could do. Not as in wash the dishes, do the laundry, sweep the floor….but things I could do with my talents. Right now I am SOOOOO tempted to do things as a amateur photographer. I love taking pictures. I love being behind the camera and looking at the results and going “I did that”. I bought hubby Photoshop Elements 8 for an early birthday gift and I have played with it a ton working on pictures I have taken of the princess. I know people probably wouldn’t pay me for my work because I am just using a point and shoot digital camera, but I enjoy it. I guess if nothing else I could always have beautiful pictures of my princess and any other kids that come along!! Here is a list so you can weigh-in, am I crazy?

– Wanting (and gathering the supplies) to make tutus for my princess

– Trying to get my calligraphy business started

– Still doing eBay listings for people who want me to do the dirty work for them

– Doing photography (and catching myself wanting to buy props and things to make my pictures better)

– Wanting to make felt food for my princess to play with as she gets older

– Starting a scrapbook (a Mother’s Day gift from my sister)

4 months…

Tomorrow my princess turns 4 months old…..amazing….a year and 2 days ago was when I found out I was pregnant, now I am blessed with an angel who laughs and coos her way through life. Tomorrow she has her 4 month dr’s appt, complete with shots. I hate to see her cry, she gets so heartbroken, and it makes me feel terrible. Hopefully it goes well tomorrow…..either way…Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear princess……happy birthday to you!!!!!


Everyday is something new… I woke up, cleaned the house for a meeting at 11am, had the meeting, snuggled with my little girl, tried to comfort her as she was not feeling well this evening, went to dinner with hubby’s family for a belated Mother’s Day. Some days I swear I just wake up tired….it’s as though while my body was laying in bed all night, some part of me was up, busy, doing things, so that right about the time my body decided it was time to get up, the rest of me was ready for bed. I wish those parts of me would correspond and sleep at the same time. I took a nap today and felt good, woke up and my princess was still not feeling 100%. Unfortunately I think she has reached that special time of her life where she is teething. Earlier she was very content, playful, her normal self…this afternoon/evening she was fussy, crying her “I’m hurt” cry, and just not able to get comfortable. I finally got her fed and put to bed, and I am hoping she will sleep through the night. Now I prepare my body for bed, and hopefully my mind will follow….

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