Well…..for some of you who read the ‘Frustration’ post, consider this a followup. Yesterday I went into work, to work the 12-4pm shift, I worked until 3:15pm, when the managers pulled me to the side and asked me about an email I had sent expressing my displeasure with the drastic cut in my hours from before my maternity leave. Short background, pre-maternity leave I had 15-20 hours per week that I worked regularly, mostly M-TH 12-4, with some other varying shifts in there. I did not work evenings or weekends, and had not worked weekends but a handful of times over the course of a 6 year employment. They sent the schedule out saying that my hours for April would be Thurs from 12-4….only 4 hours a week…this week they send the “tentative” schedule for May out and I was only scheduled for Fri from 12-3….now only 3 hours a week. I emailed the managers and said that I was disappointed that after 6 years of employment I am being offered such terrible hours, and that unfortunately I could not offer many more hours than I had given on my availability due to our financial situation (since hubby has been unemployed since June 2009). I stated in the email that unfortunately for me I did not have “the luxury of childcare”. Apparently one of the managers took that as a personal attack since she has a childcare provider for her young daughter… I explained to them during our meeting, ANYONE who can afford to pay for childcare is enjoying a luxury I cannot. Not just her. However, after 6 years of employment and no write-ups or verbal warnings….I was fired. I left there livid, I feel that I have given the members of this organization my best over the last 6 years….never ONCE did I allow what was going on in my personal life to leak over into work. The day my husband was laid off I was driving to work, I got to work, smiled and greeted the members as I have on every other day….I was always told by the members that it was so good to always see such a smiling face when they came by, I also had taken the time to memorize many of their member account numbers to aid in their use of our facilities….and this is how I get repaid. I feel like what was done was completely unfounded……I would even understand if I had cussed someone out, or made a huge scene in front of the staff/members, or something like that. But I did not. For the first time in my life I was fired from a job, and the sad part, is I didn’t even deserve it.


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