When it rains it pours……

I know when most people quote the saying “when it rains it pours”, it is usually in reference to something (or a series of somethings) bad that happened. Well this time I choose to use it in reference to a few GOOD things that have happened to me. Yesterday I received an email from a local paper studio who’s owner wanted to offer my calligraphy services to her clientele. After quite a few emails back and forth, we talked yesterday evening and she said that when people needed services done she would refer them to me. I, in turn, will post a link to her studio on my calligraphy site as a place to get your paper needs!!! In addition, she said that she already had a bride that had approximately 115 announcements that needed to be REDONE, the envelopes come in on Friday, and she needs to have them mailed by the 10th of May…..she said she would let me know but that she had seen the style samples on my website and liked them!! I was SOOOO excite d 🙂 these are my first real opportunities to do something with my calligraphy!! I may have a lot more business this coming month too because the studio is highlighting “Calligraphy Services” for the month and want to be able to refer people to me! I love that I *may* have something that will allow me to stay at home with my princess while still doing something to help get the bills paid.


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