Getting old….

Sorry I didn’t have time to write  a new post this weekend, it was my baby brother’s 21st birthday!!!! I still have such a hard time believing he is now an “official adult”!!! Anytime I think about my brother I picture this big, bobble headed boy of around 7 years of age, with big blue eyes, and dirty blond hair perfectly parted and combed. I know this sounds unrealistic, especially since my brother now has his first tattoo, towers over me at around 6ft 3inches, is engaged, and daddy to an adorable little guy. Sometimes when I see him it takes a minute to realize the man is my brother. I know I have gotten older, grown up, gotten married, bought a house, adopted a dog, and had a baby…but he shouldn’t be growing up. He’s supposed to be 7. I know I will most likely still feel this way when we are 80 and 75 and he is coming to my door with gray hair and wrinkles, I will think “Well that’s a good looking young man”, but my brother will still be 7. I must be getting old….


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  1. Sophie Danley
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 16:34:55

    I still think of Bub as a little boy….it always blows my mind when I see him and realize he’s a grown man!


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