Days Go By…..

I am sitting here next to my princess on the bed….her happily sucking away on her paci, me klick-klacking on my keyboard….we’ve had a good day around here. I worked, the princess stayed home with Daddy, and although she has been a bit fussy these last few days, she is a good girl. Last night was rough, princess woke up several times crying (which she doesn’t normally do, I know we’re spoiled)….and she seemed like she was in pain. I really think she is working on this “teething” thing, which is really not making her feel 100%. It’s still amazing to me that it is already time for her to be doing that. I know people always says “Time flies when you’re having fun”, but does it have to fly SOOO fast?! I am looking at this beautiful blue eyed baby girl laying next to me, smiling and still trying to keep the paci in her mouth, and I wonder how much I can slow this process down. Can I just sit here for days, months or even years, elated when she smiles and laughs at me? Or will I have to settle for watching her grow into the woman we are forming each and every day? For now I am going to go kiss what I call my chubby “dessert cheeks” on my baby girl, and cuddle and love her for the last few minutes before another page on the calendar turns……


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