Happy Monday!!!!

Well another weekend has come and gone…the princess is soundly sleeping in her swing (gotta love the Fisher Price “My Little Lamb” swing, any new parents this is a MUST HAVE!), and hubby is napping…..what the heck am I doing awake? Well I just thought I would post for today and maybe try to get a quick snooze in myself. I just bought some felt play food patterns on eBay, I am really excited about these because I can make them (without a sewing machine!) and have fun toys for the princess!! I also figured I may make the princess’s 1st birthday party favors using these patterns, plus if I do REALLY well, maybe I can sell some! Who knows……..although most of my other “work from home and make a little bit of money” ventures haven’t turned out that great. I do sell for one very dedicated client on eBay, and I started a calligraphy service called “CalligraphybyMissy” but haven’t gotten any business yet….I put up postcards and business cards at several local businesses, so hopefully I will hear something soon. Oh well, I try, luckily I don’t get disappointed easy, I just kinda wish one of these things would work out. If anyone would like some business cards/postcards let me know and I will send some your way!!!!! Oh well, it’s naptime….Happy Monday!!


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