Long night……

It is night’s like last night that make me feel old…..I remember when I was younger and still dating that I would sit outside with my boyfriends until 11pm or so talking on the steps. We were courteous and were not loud (my mom made sure of that!!). Last night our college aged neighbor and her boyfriend were standing outside the windows to princess’s and our bedroom screaming and cussing at each other. They were throwing what sounded like glass bottles in the trashcans and just making much more noise than is acceptable at 3am…..yes 3AM!!!!!! Finally she screamed F you to her boyfriend and he got in his car and raced off….thank God. I then laid there for a few minutes wondering if this means I am getting old. I was not laying there sympathizing with her, I had gone to bed HOURS before not just crawling in from a night on the town, I was exhausted. Not to mention my sick baby was laying in the room next to me (also where she was standing outside of her window screaming), and I was mad. My princess has not been sleeping well, especially last night, and here this girl is making it impossible for ANY of us to sleep. I guess it was my momma bear instinct coming out, but I was not happy. I don’t want to be the type of neighbor who calls the cops the minute it is after 11pm (noise ordinance guidelines), but where do I draw the line? We bought this house, and her mom has lived in her house for decades, so I want to keep an amiable relationship with these people but they are making it difficult. Just another long night……


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  1. fpguy1999
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 12:06:49

    First, talk to “mom” and let her know your concerns. Let her know that you PREFER NOT to call the police, but you may not have an option, but it’s up to her and hers!! Then, follow it up so she knows it’s not just “talk”. Once should be enough…


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