Just another day in paradise…..

Today was a mostly uneventful day….we spent the day at home, except for when one of us ran to the store to pickup something we forgot. I went to the pharmacy this morning and bought some “Baby Rub” (essentially Vicks for babies), which the princess seemed to not mind at all when I applied it to her before bedtime. We did some gardening in the front yard, hubby cut the grass in the backyard, we washed our cars and enjoyed the beautiful day. The princess had a rough afternoon and evening because she is still congested and could not go to sleep, or on the off moment she fell asleep out of pure exhaustion she would wake herself up. She is finally asleep in her crib and I hope she will be for a good portion of the night. We had a small surprise today while we were visiting with hubby’s mom, an elderly neighbor’s daughter came by and handed hubby a check for $75 asking him to please weed our neighbor’s front flowerbeds before he returns from his cruise on Sunday. Hubby took the check graciously and agreed to do so…..it is nice to have a little extra that we certainly weren’t expecting. It was so kind of them, I think they did it to help us out since they know hubby is unemployed. I thank God for miracles like that. Other than that it was just another day in paradise.


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