3 month mark….

It is almost impossible for me to believe that 3 months and 14.5 hours ago I was meeting my daughter for the very first time. My life has changed so dramatically in that short span of time, that sometimes I need to stop and grasp whatever piece of furniture is near to steady myself and realize that this….is life. I have always heard people say time flies, and I never felt that way until I was around 22. I got married and since then I feel like I am on a roller coaster that does nothing but continuously pickup speed. Why did it not do this when I was 15 and dreading every minute I spent in class? Why now, when I want time to slow to a crawl and allow me the opportunity to savor each moment I get to spend with those I love, does it speed out of control? Seems ironic to me. I guess it’s another example of “The grass is always greener”….when I was 15 life was speeding out of control for others, but not me. Now that it’s speeding along for me, I want it to take it’s time. Endless cycle. Today we noticed that our princess is undoubtedly starting the “teething” process. I felt helpless, she drooled, choked, cried, and talked endlessly to us, and I just stared at that adorable, helpless little face, and felt completely out of control. I wish I could protect her from the pain of teething, the pain of skinning her knees from rollerblading, her first “F” in school, her first broken heart, her first car accident, and all other events in life that will make her feel like she is experiencing a pain never before felt by anyone. I love that little girl, and I want her to live a life full of laughter, love and goodness. Something I am sure my parents hoped I would be able to experience as well…..and the cycle continues.


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