I wanted to let you know about a site to NEVER use….its called http://www.babytobee.com, they claim to give out tons of freebies (I am not sure if they do or not yet). I signed up about 4-5 days ago and since then have been BOMBARDED with phone calls for crap I don’t want. I talked to a customer service rep 3 days ago who offered me all of these “exclusive offers” which I declined ALL of them, (they range from Life insurance, home security systems, a club, college tuition info and tons of other crap). Well for the last 3 days I have gotten 7 calls from people offering me college tuition info, etc. I told each person I was not interested and asked them to take me off my list. Today was the last straw, the phone rang, woke my princess up, and it was one of these calls. I yelled at the person, and then called babytobee.com to complain. I am hoping it does something….just want to warn you to NOT signup unless you are bored and want to talk to a bunch of idiots over the phone offering you crap you don’t want/need. Okay…..vent over….soooooo how was your day?


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