Well…..for some of you who read the ‘Frustration’ post, consider this a followup. Yesterday I went into work, to work the 12-4pm shift, I worked until 3:15pm, when the managers pulled me to the side and asked me about an email I had sent expressing my displeasure with the drastic cut in my hours from before my maternity leave. Short background, pre-maternity leave I had 15-20 hours per week that I worked regularly, mostly M-TH 12-4, with some other varying shifts in there. I did not work evenings or weekends, and had not worked weekends but a handful of times over the course of a 6 year employment. They sent the schedule out saying that my hours for April would be Thurs from 12-4….only 4 hours a week…this week they send the “tentative” schedule for May out and I was only scheduled for Fri from 12-3….now only 3 hours a week. I emailed the managers and said that I was disappointed that after 6 years of employment I am being offered such terrible hours, and that unfortunately I could not offer many more hours than I had given on my availability due to our financial situation (since hubby has been unemployed since June 2009). I stated in the email that unfortunately for me I did not have “the luxury of childcare”. Apparently one of the managers took that as a personal attack since she has a childcare provider for her young daughter… I explained to them during our meeting, ANYONE who can afford to pay for childcare is enjoying a luxury I cannot. Not just her. However, after 6 years of employment and no write-ups or verbal warnings….I was fired. I left there livid, I feel that I have given the members of this organization my best over the last 6 years….never ONCE did I allow what was going on in my personal life to leak over into work. The day my husband was laid off I was driving to work, I got to work, smiled and greeted the members as I have on every other day….I was always told by the members that it was so good to always see such a smiling face when they came by, I also had taken the time to memorize many of their member account numbers to aid in their use of our facilities….and this is how I get repaid. I feel like what was done was completely unfounded……I would even understand if I had cussed someone out, or made a huge scene in front of the staff/members, or something like that. But I did not. For the first time in my life I was fired from a job, and the sad part, is I didn’t even deserve it.



I am writing this post as a rhetorical question to my faithful reader(s)….I am someone who has always felt like loyalty is something that is necessary for a relationship of any type to work. Please do not misunderstand me, this has nothing to do with my husband and my marriage. It is just something I am wondering about……..why do some people place emphasis on things that are not important, trivial things, that in the grand scheme of things are ridiculous. The frustration part comes to me because I know other people also place an emphasis on one’s loyalty….but to those that control things, that is not the case. I very well may be making no sense at all right now, but that is simply because I am attempting to vent somewhere without giving too much info and leaving a lot up to rhetorical thought….sigh….I will try something a bit more clear later when my head can grasp it.

When it rains it pours……

I know when most people quote the saying “when it rains it pours”, it is usually in reference to something (or a series of somethings) bad that happened. Well this time I choose to use it in reference to a few GOOD things that have happened to me. Yesterday I received an email from a local paper studio who’s owner wanted to offer my calligraphy services to her clientele. After quite a few emails back and forth, we talked yesterday evening and she said that when people needed services done she would refer them to me. I, in turn, will post a link to her studio on my calligraphy site as a place to get your paper needs!!! In addition, she said that she already had a bride that had approximately 115 announcements that needed to be REDONE, the envelopes come in on Friday, and she needs to have them mailed by the 10th of May…..she said she would let me know but that she had seen the style samples on my website and liked them!! I was SOOOO excite d 🙂 these are my first real opportunities to do something with my calligraphy!! I may have a lot more business this coming month too because the studio is highlighting “Calligraphy Services” for the month and want to be able to refer people to me! I love that I *may* have something that will allow me to stay at home with my princess while still doing something to help get the bills paid.

Getting old….

Sorry I didn’t have time to write  a new post this weekend, it was my baby brother’s 21st birthday!!!! I still have such a hard time believing he is now an “official adult”!!! Anytime I think about my brother I picture this big, bobble headed boy of around 7 years of age, with big blue eyes, and dirty blond hair perfectly parted and combed. I know this sounds unrealistic, especially since my brother now has his first tattoo, towers over me at around 6ft 3inches, is engaged, and daddy to an adorable little guy. Sometimes when I see him it takes a minute to realize the man is my brother. I know I have gotten older, grown up, gotten married, bought a house, adopted a dog, and had a baby…but he shouldn’t be growing up. He’s supposed to be 7. I know I will most likely still feel this way when we are 80 and 75 and he is coming to my door with gray hair and wrinkles, I will think “Well that’s a good looking young man”, but my brother will still be 7. I must be getting old….

Days Go By…..

I am sitting here next to my princess on the bed….her happily sucking away on her paci, me klick-klacking on my keyboard….we’ve had a good day around here. I worked, the princess stayed home with Daddy, and although she has been a bit fussy these last few days, she is a good girl. Last night was rough, princess woke up several times crying (which she doesn’t normally do, I know we’re spoiled)….and she seemed like she was in pain. I really think she is working on this “teething” thing, which is really not making her feel 100%. It’s still amazing to me that it is already time for her to be doing that. I know people always says “Time flies when you’re having fun”, but does it have to fly SOOO fast?! I am looking at this beautiful blue eyed baby girl laying next to me, smiling and still trying to keep the paci in her mouth, and I wonder how much I can slow this process down. Can I just sit here for days, months or even years, elated when she smiles and laughs at me? Or will I have to settle for watching her grow into the woman we are forming each and every day? For now I am going to go kiss what I call my chubby “dessert cheeks” on my baby girl, and cuddle and love her for the last few minutes before another page on the calendar turns……

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Free 5×7 Photo Flip Book!!!

I just made my free photo flip book and you can too!! All I had to pay was the shipping and handling!!!!

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